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a customized meal plan that supports

YOUR goals

YOUR preferences

YOUR schedule

YOUR budget


… yes, you can have it all!


A stripped-down, back-to-basics approach to healthy eating

Ever feel like you’re wading through a sea of confusing and conflicting nutrition advice and the tides are turning so quickly it’s impossible to stay afloat? We hear you.  And we’re here to make it simple- the way it should be.  Let’s create a food plan specifically tailored to YOU.

Nutrition Refocused

Nutrition Reimagined

And Completely Livable!

Transform into your own best coach ➝

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Enjoying life is everything.

But sometimes our health can get in the way of that.  Our goal is to educate and improve your health so you can continue to live that long, happy life. 

Everyone has different lifestyles, right? Life can feel packed with busy, stressful jobs, driving kids around to multiple practices, family BBQs, vacations, you name it.  Finding a way to be healthy while doing these things is the biggest challenge!  Our approach is very personalized and catered to your lifestyle.  We take pride in taking our time during your session to make sure your nutrition goals are achievable and fit seamlessly into your enjoyable life.

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